The Pee Dee Fleet Motorsports team came into the double header weekend prepared to win. With the make up race from Florida and the World Finals race it kept the team busy every day from start to finish. After the team arrived and made adjustments to the chassis for the track conditions they got to work making some test passes. Every pass they improved on their elapsed time, soon matching their previous best at 3.81. After testing the team would begin the make up race from Florida. Round one for the team had paired them with a driver that did not make the event, giving Pee Dee Fleet Motorsports a bye run. After staging the car the driver Tylor Miller jumped the start, should have resulted in a red light but nonetheless being a bye run given the win. However the official response was that even though the car was staged the tree didn’t recognize the race resulting in Miller being DQ from the make up Florida race in round 1. After losing in such a manner the team was a little discouraged.

The next day, Friday was postponed due to rain, giving the team even more time to reflect and think about the race the next day. Saturday began qualifying for the PDRA Brian Olsen World Finals. During round 1 the 69 Chevelle was staged and rolled thru the beams during launch resulting in a similar outcome to the last run, no times given. Round 2 came and the car again rolled thru the beams however this time the tree recognized them and gave them a time, although not good enough to make the field. The team worked on the car and found a problem coming from the transmission causing the rolling at the start. With the issue corrected the team made their way to the line for their last chance to make the race. Tylor Miller made his personal best run of a 3.771 @ 196 mph, securing his spot in the race on Sunday. After all the starting line issues the team had, they didn’t have accurate data to make adjustments. Round 1 of eliminations for the PDRA World Finals began and Miller went through the usual burnout steps, Staged the car and launched on green. It was a good start but the car pulled hard right and Miller had to lift in order to avoid a collision with the wall. Losing in round 1 again.

After the weekend was finished and points added up it was clear that the Pee Dee Fleet Motorsports team would finish in 4th for the season in Pro Boost. Not bad for sitting out some of the earlier racing in the season. The team is excited about running a full season next year and will be looking for the season championship.