Deluxe Rivet Squeezer Kit

$ 424.95

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Hand riveters are good for their portability, but the biggest complaint is that they are exhausting when you have serious riveting to do. The answer to this was a bench squeezer, but at hundreds of dollars, they are beyond most of our budgets — until now! This new Hand/Bench Rivet Squeezer gives you the best of both worlds at a price you can afford. It’s a hand squeezer that converts to a free-standing bench squeezer in under 10 seconds! Just pin it into its cradle and you have a solid bench riveter; and when you need to use it as a hand riveter, simply unpin it. This Hand/Bench Rivet Squeezer has the same design features as our other squeezers, including a 360 degree swivel head, and an adjustable ram. It uses all of the same yokes and accessories as the others, and will squeeze up to 3/16″ aluminum, or 5/32″ steel rivets.

* 1-1/2 & 3″ reach with 1-1/4″ opening
* Yoke swivels a full 360 degrees and locks into any position for greater versatility
* 5/8″ adjustable ram eliminates the need for shims
* 21″ Overall length


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