Electrimotion COMMAND MODULE 4.0

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Electrimotion COMMAND MODULE 4.0

The Electrimotion Command Module is a modular control system designed to control high performance racing vehicles.

Timer: The Command Module is made up of 24 timed outputs w/RPM and Pressure inputs that can be configured to trigger an output channel.

Timing Controller: The Command Module also has a programmable timing controller that allows the users to build an ignition retard curve up to -30.0° with 16 points and an Idle retard setting. The Timing Controller also has 2 shift inputs that will allow the user to pull out timing at the instant you shift. The Timing Controller also has an analog (Boost) retard input that can be used to retard timing based on an 0-5v signal. New for Ver 4.0 is a built-in rev limiter and the ability to shift the entire curve up or down.

Timing Monitor: The Command Module Timing Monitor uses the RPM signal generated by the Command Module and a TDC signal supplied by a TDC pickup, to calculate the ignition timing in Degrees before TDC. This timing value is provided to the user as a 0-5v signal that can be monitored by any data acquisition system that can accept an 0-5v analog input. The Timing Monitor does not have a menu entry on the Command Module.

Autoshifter: The Command Module Autoshifter allows the user to shift the transmission (up to a 4 speed) based on RPM, locked out by time. Data entry can be done on the keypad or via the pc with the included Command Module software. The Command Module has an SD memory card to facilitate transferring data to and from the pc.

Safety Box: The Command Module Ver 4.0 has the EM Safety Box built into the unit. The Tether, RF and Fire bottle/Driver Button inputs can be monitored in real time to assist in wiring and troubleshooting. The Safety Box also has an analog output that can be monitored by your computer to tell you exactly when and what triggered the safety system.



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