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M&M Transmissions Shifter

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M&M Transmissions Shifter

If you are looking for the ultimate shifter for drag racing, look no further. This shifter, made by M&M Transmissions is truly a work of art!  M&M Transmissions is well known in the drag racing community to provide some of the best transmission components and service, and we are proud to carry their products!Features:

  • All aluminum 6061-T6 construction
  • All parts anodized
  • All stainless fasteners
  • Light weight Stainless pan brackets and shift arm
  • Air-Activated Auto shift function
  • Lightweight stainless air cylinder
  • Rear exit cable
  • Custom, lightweight high quality cable (5ft)
  • Integrated neutral safety switch
  • Includes floor mount
  • Total weight: 3lbs 7 oz including cable and brackets
  • Weather pak connector for neutral safety
  • Includes floor mount or you can upgrade to the optional tube mount bracket for 1″ tubing

M&M Transmission’s shifters work with Powerglides and two-speed Turbo 400s, a three speed-specific safe neutral version which works with Turbo 400s and a standard three speed-specific reverse pattern for Turbo 350s and Turbo 400s.

The shifters start out as billet 6061 T6 aluminum that is machined for two hours. They’re then anodized, laser-etched, then the stainless steel brackets, fasteners, hardware shifter arms, and the custom cable are added.

The cable is high-end, and that’s an important part of the shifter which many people overlook.

Customers can choose black, which is the most popular, or with color accents.

Additional selling points for the shifter include the fact that it weighs in at a fit-and-trim three pounds and eight ounces.

These shifters are in a lot of record-setting cars, and we’re proud that racers have told us how functional they are, how easy they are to use and how smoothly they operate.

Additional information

Shift Pattern

4 Speed OD shifter, 2 Speed Turbo 400, 2 Speed Power Glide, 3 Speed Turbo 400 Reverse Pattern, 3 Speed Turbo 400 Safe Neutral

Accent Color

Green, Orange, Purple, Silver, Black, Blue, Red

Add Stem Mount

Add stem mount +$55.99, No Thanks

Add Trans Brake Button

Add trans brake button +$68.99, No Thanks

Add Trans Brake Button Mount

Add Transbrake button mount +29.99, No Thanks