Wing Mounting Kit – Raw Aluminum

$ 477.00


Our Raw Aluminum Wing Mount kit comes with everything you need for a professional drag racing wing installation.
Our kits have adjustable long strut arms with heims on both ends attaching to wing mount tabs that are secured with screws and a wing tab backing plate.  With this kit you can cut the end of your wing lengthwise add the aluminum hinge and use the small strut arm heims to adjust the height to the wicker very easily.

Kit Includes

16 Raw Aluminum Wing Mount tabs
4 Raw Aluminum Wing strut tabs
Aluminum Hinge
4 Adjustable chromoly wing struts (with tube adapters pre-welded)
4 chromoly wicker struts (with tube adapters pre-welded)
10-32 & 6-32 Screws Nuts
Left and Right Threaded Heims

Also available in Chromoly, Black Aluminum, Raw Aluminum and Carbon Fiber

Additional information

Chromoly Wing Mount Kit

Chromoly Struts and Tabs

Raw Aluminum Wing Mount Kit

Raw Aluminum tabs with Chromoly struts

Black Aluminum WIng Mount Kit

Black anodized aluminum wing tabs and chromoly struts

Carbon Fiber Wing Mount Kit

Raw Aluminum wing tabs with carbon fiber struts


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